About Mountain Laurel

Four friends, nine instruments, and two voices make...Mountain Laurel.

Gathering in Brenda's music room every weekend for nearly a decade, we have collected and interpreted music based in Ireland but reaching across the sea to our home, Appalachia. We have a special love for the music of Turloch O'Carolan, the last itinerant Irish harper, so on our CD you can find several of the tunes he composed for his generous hosts (or for himself) as he traveled about Ireland--"Planxty Irwin," "Carolan's Draught," and "Fanny Poer." We also love the spiritually based songs of our region, the South, so we include the haunting "Farewell My Friends" and "Down in the River," and the famous Stephen Foster song, "Hard Times."

Plus, you'll find two originals, "Ragtime Dennie," a mandolin piece which Bill wrote in honor of his lovely wife Denise, and "Song for Grahame," a mandolin song Em started many years ago and finally finished in 2011.

We hope you'll enjoy the samples of our tunes here on our website. We enjoyed playing them, and we hope you'll love them as much as we do!